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Watersports Helmets And Protective Gear

Helmets And Protect Gear

Watersports Helmets And Protective Gear

A Helmet is an essential safety item for most watersports, be it canoeing, jetskiing, kite surfing, wakeboarding or waterskiing. The Jet Ski Lake requires that: any person on the water must be wearing a correctly fitted Buoyancy Aid or PFD and Helmet at all times. Watersports helmets come in a variety of styles and shapes, from lightweight helmets to full face visored helmets.

Manufacturers of watersports helmets include Jobe, Gath, Kontour, Palm, Typhoon, Bern and Protec.

Watersports Protective Gear And Supports

Watersports protective gear and supports

There are many other protective items and body supports for watersports such as Jet Skiing, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, where there is a likelihood of impacts and collisions with water at high speeds, that can help protect you against injury.

Shin Protectors, Kneebraces And Spray Legs

A shin protector helps protect injury to the shin, knee and inner knee, whilst a spray leg offers calf and lower leg protection from forceful spray of the jet ski.  Kneebraces, on the other hand support the knee and helps prevent injurys to the knee.

Back Supports And Shields

Back supports help to prevent back injuries and supports back whilst engaging in watersports such as Jet Skiing, Water Skiing or Wakeboarding.  A shield back protector helps protect your spine in the event of hitting the water whilst jetskiing. It can also be used by wakeboarders, snowboarders, BMX riders and motor crossers.

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