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2015 Yamaha Waverunners

2015 Yamaha Waverunner Lineup

2015 Yamaha Waverunners

The Yamaha WaveRunner lineup for 2015 offers a range of new ways to hit the water.

High Performance WaveRunners

High Performance WaveRunners

The High Performance range of Yamaha 2015 WaveRunners comprises of 4 watercraft: the FX Cruiser High Output, FX Cruiser SVHO, FX High Output and the FX SVHO. The FX Cruiser SVHO and FX SVHO models feature a supercharged Super Vortex High Output engine and Yamaha's all new RiDE System - an innovative dual throttle control system.

Recreation WaveRunners

Recreation WaveRunners

The Recreation range of Yamaha 2015 WaveRunners comprises of 3 watercraft: the V1, the VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe. For 2015 the VX Series gets a complete rework with new features and technologies. The striking new deck, with its aggressive-looking, hard-edged lines now includes integrated mirrors, refined cockpit ergonomics, a two-piece seat design and a larger stern platform.

Sport and Race WaveRunners.

Sport and Race WaveRunners

The Sport and Race range of Yamaha 2015 WaveRunners comprises of 3 watercraft: the FZR SVHO, the FZS SVHO and the Superjet. The FZR and FZS models fetaure Yamaha's new NanoXcel2® hulls and decks. While the Superjet still remains the purest, most exciting race machine ever and is the watercraft of choice for many champions and pro racers.

New RiDE System - Innovative Dual Throttle Control System.

For 2015 many WaveRunner models feature Yamaha's new RiDE™ techonology, almost certainly the most significant enhancement to the pleasure of riding in the last 30 years. Put simply, RiDE changes everything people know about riding and operating a personal watercraft. In fact, it is a first for any motorised vehicle because it features the world's first handlebars with dual throttle controls. RiDE is ultra-intuitive. Pull the right lever to go forward, pull the left lever to slow down and go into reverse, let go of both levers - and the watercraft is in neutral. There's no shifting - or need to switch between gears. Hence its name, RiDE - standing for Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics.

New NanoXcel2® - Advanced, Lightweight & Strong.

The 2nd generation of Yamaha's exclusive lightweight NanoXcel hull, deck and liner material. NanoXcel 2 reduces the weight of the SVHO models while maintining their renowned structural integrity. To create NanoXcel 2, Yamaha engineers innovated at the microscopic level using a combination of 'nano' clay and glass micro-bubbles to develop a new stronger resin, that uses less material. The glass micro-bubbles used in NanoXcel 2 are smaller and stronger than other filler materials, contributing to the strength, rigidity and light weight of the new hull and decks.

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